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The "Buddha Philosophy" series is based on my artistic interpretation of Buddhist Philosophy or Dharma.


All the works speak of the Buddha's Teachings on awakening, karma, emptiness, consciousness. I see and represent the Dharma as an energetic womb of Mother Dharma, who awakens souls in the infinity of the universe in her becoming.


Since I was a child, every night when I went to bed I tried to sleep, I saw my green sphere, which always cradled me until I entered another dimension. This vision marked my life and my orientation towards the spiritual from an early age.

Turquiose Flights.jpg


“Flights” is a collection based on the yearnings for freedom that at one point in my life were new and important. That is why in "Flights", I express a way in which that powerful inner energy is released and is free in the universe.


Every human being has a way of expressing their flights: mine is this.This collection can be seen on canvas and there is also its animated digital version in NFTs format.



Was born under the concept that we are all stardust.


In Buddhist philosophy, at the moment of fertilization it is said that a particle of the cosmos settles in the mother's womb and first creates the entire energy structure and chakras of the human body. After that comes the flesh and bones.


Most human beings forget where we came from, but some of us remember. These are some of my memories.

Creational Energy.jpg
Windmill with Sunflowers.jpg


Landscapes is the origin of my artistic career. They also carry a longing for freedom.


I was born as a cosmopolitan: Buenos Aires is a great city, beautiful and immense but it isn't so easy to see the sky, and so it was only when I discovered the Pampean landscape that I realized that the horizons were infinite, and the skies had colors that needed to be shared.


I started painting landscapes in oil for many years, then I switched to acrylic. I also use watercolors, oil pastels, and chalk. I initially chose oil because it was the language of the great masters. 


These works were created based on the Japanese gouache technique.


The Japanese gouache requires the artist to carry out the work with empathy: look at the flower and be the flower, with economy in the strokes, with silence, with resilience, and that the emptiness is represented with the balance of the composition and the expression of the essence of the object.

Cherry Branch.jpg
Bamboo into the wind.jpg


The Japanese term “sumi” means “black ink”, “e” means “painting”.


It indicates one of the art forms in which subjects are painted with black ink in all possible gradations ranging pure black to the lightest shades achievable by dissolving ink in water.


Engraving techniques generated in Mimi an eagerness to explore this type of visual art.

You will find in this collection woodcuts, aquatints, embossing and drypoint. Over time, she discovered that engravings are very similar to NFTs experience.

Símbolos en la mirada P_A_2.jpg


Human figure series by Mimi Rimonda.


Jewerly art design by Mimi Rimonda.

My Inner Eye earrings.jpg
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